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Previous Year Adj

Previous Year Adj

I have a sage version 6 which I have been using for my accounting

I have been unable to obtain the breakdown of and iten that has appeared on the balance sheet report under the title "Previous Year Adj

Can someone help me to how I can get the source of that figure or its composition?


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05th Mar 2016 06:51

Do the last accounts not provide a clue?

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By tom123
05th Mar 2016 06:57

Can you check the codes

Check the nominal codes that group together  in to that heading.

Could it be that you have posted some purchase invoices using last year's dates and this is how the software treats them?

apologies for vagueness - been about 10 years since using Sage 50.

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By JKnight
05th Mar 2016 09:52

The Previous Year Adj figure will comprise of one or more entries dated in the previous financial year but posted onto Sage after the year-end routine has been run. These will be transactions coded to P&L nominals. You should be able to see which P&L nominals are affected by running a B/fwd trial balance. Alternatively, an audit trail transaction report with the right date and transaction number criteria should identify the entries.

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