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Previously invoiced via Ltd co, now required to invoice as a 'person'

Previously invoiced via Ltd co, now required to...

A client has undertaken work for an organisation in Switzerland (amongst others) via his personal company for several years.  The organisation is now changing the way they work with small, single consultant businesses, and requires him to invoice as a 'person', and have the money paid into a personal bank account.

Is there any way this can continue to be treated as income of the limited company, rather than him having to declare it as a separate self-employment?


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05th Dec 2011 15:13


I suppose he could make a declaration of trust so that he invoices on behalf of the company, but given that HMRC are looking so closely at Swiss sources at present unless this was made very clear to HMRC by both the company and the individual there could be enormous problems in future.

He may need to dig a bit further to see what prompted this new policy - the Swiss equivalent of an IR35?  The requirement to have it paid into a personal bank account makes me wonder about this as well.  Local taxes in Switzerland vary enormously from Canton to Canton but payment through a company could avoid the national social security tax currently levied at 10,1% and payable, I believe, equally by employer and employee.  It may be that he is being swept up in an initiative aimed at Swiss Residents, given that we don't know where your client resides etc...


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