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Printer Friendly Issue 52 - Where Is It???

Printer Friendly Issue 52 - Where Is It???

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As a subscriber to the Newthwire I do not read the email version received but prefer to go the the website and print out the printer friendly html version. I can then read it away from the computer at leisure and store it in my file.

The email for Newthwire issue 52 was received on 26 May. Today is 1 June and the website still doesn't have a link to this issue to print out in friendly html format. Why?

If you don't want to give others access to the new archive immediately, and your building in a deliberate delay, why can't the email version contain a link to the rinter friendly html version for current subscribers only.

Stephen Quay

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By AnonymousUser
03rd Jun 2004 13:52

Newthwire 52 is now available
All subscribers to the Newthwire can now access issue 52 - 'The Accountants Tax Affairs' by visiting The TaxZone Newthwire

If you have not yet subscribed to the Newthwire you can do so online at The TaxZone Newthwire

or call Craig Neilson - AccountingWEB Subscriptions Executive on 0117 915 8653

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