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Probate and time scale for IHT assessment

Probate and IHT Assessment

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My mother passed away last August and Probate was granted in December. I was chasing our solicitor (one of the executors) for a final figure for IHT yesterday and he said he would write to HMRC for an assessment. I am assuming Grant of Probate does not mean HMRC have agreed the IHT but how long should this take? This all seems very slow. I have 6 siblings all waiting for their share of the estate!!

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By SXGuy
09th May 2019 09:00

It has to all depend on how big the estate is, and how many people stand to inherit anything, if this solicitor is dealing with IHT for all 6 siblings, this can take some time.

There could be other things to consider such as, unused reliefs from your father if he died previously but had no assets.

Its not as straight forward as you would like to think judging by the amount of people set to gain from the estate!

I did my own for my mother who passed away last year, but for me it was pretty straight forward, I was the only beneficiary, and I knew exactly how much the estate was worth, and whether any IHT was payable.

Perhaps your solicitor doesn't know all these details, and as such has to refer to HMRC for agreement.

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By Tax Dragon
09th May 2019 09:14

IHT would have been due by 28 February.

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