Problem completing corporation tax return

Problem completing corporation tax return using HMRC service, loans to participators box A10.B

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In the Loans to participators (CT600A) section, the following message appears for unknown reason, and the filing gets stuck:

There is a problem

You said the total owed was £6270. Enter an amount up to this or change your answer in box A10.B to continue.

What is it about? Whers is this box A10.B?


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By lesley.barnes
04th May 2023 10:50

If you are using HMRC system to complete at Corporation Tax return its unlikely that people on here will be able to help. Agents have to use 3rd party software to complete Corporation Tax Returns.

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Replying to lesley.barnes:
By Leywood
04th May 2023 11:02


Plus there have been fundamental flaws on it since it was launched, all reported and nothing done. Am sure most DIYers fudge it just to file the damned things!

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By Wanderer
04th May 2023 10:59

IF you really are an accountant, with clients, YOYOYOY are you attempting to use the HMRC service to file CT returns?

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Replying to Wanderer:
By Leywood
04th May 2023 11:03

Wanderer wrote:


Might pinch that one!

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