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Problem printing/saving pdfs in Apple Safari and Firefox

Problem printing/saving pdfs in Apple Safari...

Suddenly, whilst I can see VAT and PAYE forms in my Safari Browser, I cannot save them and they print blank. Same problem with Firefox but it does work in Google Chrome (yuk!). I wonder if a change occurred during the HMRC Easter shutdown?

When I had a problem with the security settings for CT600s (which changed at 1 January at their end) HMRC talked me through the settings. This time I was told 'that is not a known problem, continue using Chrome, it is a problem with your computer'. When I answered that it was NOW a known problem, I was unconvinced that the guy the other end was going to make a note when he put the phone down.

If you have a similar problem;

• do you have an answer?

• please phone 0845 60 55 999 and tell 'em Dave sent ya !


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By Kryton
02nd May 2012 09:14


Hi David,

First thing to try is reinstalling Adobe acrobat. Get it from the site.

best regards,


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