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Problem with HMRC

Problem with HMRC

Hi all. I have a problem with HMRC and would be most grateful if you could help. My practice's name is correctly stated on HMRC's online hub. However when they write to clients they still use the name that was in these premises before me and clients get confused and worried. I telephoned several HMRC numbers over the years and I was promised it would be passed to the correct department to be corrected. Unfortunately it hasn't happened. Would anybody have the right phone number/address of the correct department? I would be most grateful. None of the numbers they have online seem to be the correct ones. Thanks


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22nd Feb 2016 16:55

formal complaint

Its the only way to get their attention.

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22nd Feb 2016 20:18

Agent Account Manager

.. suggest they be the first point of call. I've had good and efficient dealings with them (I know - unusual!)

. They ring you back within a couple of days.

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22nd Feb 2016 23:57

Thank you very much for your help. I will try it.

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