Problem with latest Windows 10 update (1709)

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update nightmare

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Spent a frustrating day wasting hours while my PC installed a Windows 10 update - then found it hobbled my computer & in particular WORD on my PC failed to operate reliably after the update.

Managed to rollback to my previous Windows version (1703) and set a 365 day delay on automatically installing 'feature' updates such as this one.

To say I was displeased does not begin to describe how I feel.


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By SteveHa
18th Nov 2017 23:16

I feel your pain. I despise Windows 10 automatic update feature, which sometimes seems to completely ignore user prefs and goes ahead to break a working system regardless.

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By paulwakefield1
20th Nov 2017 07:52

I was not particularly enamoured either when I was locked out of my computer whilst it took an age to update without any prior warning. It also took a couple of reboots to settle down but is now actually quite good.

I find that after a major update, it is always worth running Office Repair (for Office 365 installations) as a matter of course whether or not there are any obvious problems with Excel, Word, etc. Also check for any Office updates.

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By Eric_Timms
22nd Nov 2017 12:49

I went back to 7. Much friendlier and intuitive for the business user.

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By awdeek123
22nd Nov 2017 13:30

I've got 2 desktop PCs and 1 laptop all running Windows 10. Initially all was well until I lost the laptop after an automatic update. It kept booting to a weird set up screen which asked for country etc but failed to respond to any input. After days of researching on the internet I just had to reinstall Windows 7 as the only way forward. Then one of the desktop PCs advised I needed a driver update following which it wouldn't boot up at all Again, after hours of research I followed a hideously complicated procedure which got it working again (it's still advising I need the driver update but that's not going to happen). The other desktop PC downloaded updates but the installation always failed so I bit the bullet and installed the Windows 10 Fall Creators update which appears to have fixed the problem. All very frustrating and my confidence in Windows 10 is badly shaken!

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By Arbitrary
24th Nov 2017 09:33

I had a problem with Creators update which failed to update and following that the computer refused to do any windows updates at all saying that it was in the middle of an update. I spent great deal of time trying to make it update, finding on the net that there were a lot of problems with these upgrades. A computer professional (reputable business) told me he had tried to but couldn't fix it and had to wipe the hard drive and start again. That was fun and costly. Thank you Microsoft. So much for Windows update assistant. The online help from Microsoft was useless.

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By kevinringer
28th Nov 2017 13:25

We've had no end of problems with W10. Edge stopped working for most users months ago then we started having problems with several different programs we use (rather important programs including tax, accounts and time ledger). All problems only affect W10 PCs.

I like the W10 interface but I find it less user friendly than W7. For example the loss of Start>Recent Items is a pain.

W10 compared to W7 is a bit like comparing Vista to XP: Vista was newer and looked better but was rubbish compared to XP. But in the case of W10 it is improved compared to W8. Given how much money MoneySoft must spend to develop new OS it is surprising how poor they perform.

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By Antrobus
04th Dec 2017 13:41

I'm now retired, but appreciate the pain when updates waste days. I've just spent 2 days updating Win 10. Just as a "heads up", the update may/will fail if you have some encryption software on the machine. Two programs I'm aware of are PGP privacy - the old free version for personal use - and Diskcryptor. I've removed them but intend to re-install now that the update is done. It appears that both will re-install, but make sure that you run the Diskcryptor install program as Administrator.

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