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Problem with online filing at Companies House

Problem with online filing at Companies House

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Having happily filed many sets of abbreviated accounts at Companies House over the years, we have recently started encountering a problem.

Having completed the downloaded template, we attempt to submit the accounts but a yellow bar appears indicating a security risk; we elect to over-ride this and the accounts will sometimes submit and sometimes not.  We have on several occasions had to send the accounts to the Companies House helpdesk as an e-mail attachment.  Companies House personnel inform us that the problem is at our end; but we have not changed any settings or upgraded any software recently and we never used to get this problem.

Has anyone else encountered any problems of this sort?  Is it something to do with our security settings?

Don Fisher

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By petersaxton
26th Jul 2010 20:08


It could be due to your browser or security software.

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By alanbeard1703
27th Jul 2010 12:30

Adobe Acrobat issue?

I had this problem following a recent Adobe Acrobat update.  I overcame this by turning off the enhanced secuity feature in the program (a recent addition?) and all has been fine since.

To turn off the enhanced security feature open Adobe Reader, go to the 'edit' menu and preferences.  Click on the security (enhanced) section and untick the box next to 'enable enhanced security'.

Hopefully this will resolve it for you.

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