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Problems accessing HMRC website and filing returns

Problems accessing HMRC website and filing returns

Anyone else having problems with HMRC website today? I cannot access and file returns.  


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22nd Jan 2013 15:49

I've had no problems with accessing. Don't file through HMRC website so don't know about that though.

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22nd Jan 2013 15:56

User ID Message

Thanks Jane I get this message 

You have entered an incorrect User ID or Password, or used a certificate which is not recognised. Please try again. If the problem persists please contact the HM Revenue & Customs Online Services Helpdesk.

Filing is though TaxCalc, not successful with this either today. Both user ID and password are correct. 

Will try and call the helpdesk.  



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By Flash Gordon
22nd Jan 2013 16:20


I had problems with the VAT yesterday, but not today. Today it's my broadband that's playing silly buggers! (But at least it makes me work)

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22nd Jan 2013 16:21

TaxCalc problem

I once had a problem with TaxCalc removing the last character of my filing ID, so I suggest you check that first.

The error message was the same as yours.

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22nd Jan 2013 16:38

Agent ID

Thanks for the response. 

I called HMRC helpline. They need my agent ID which I always read out from the screen once I have logged in. 

No agent ID means I have to write to them! Anyway I can get an agent ID without logging in? 

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22nd Jan 2013 16:45


If you entered your agent details in TaxCalc they should be visible in there.

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22nd Jan 2013 17:30

Sounds like you're experiencing something similar to this AccountingWEB member

Have you resolved the issue? Is it downtime or an error?

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22nd Jan 2013 20:24

Phew! Okay now

Hi Rachael

From about 2pm today we had no access to HMRC site. For some reason we were also not able to file tax returns through TaxCalc. 

I just tried all okay now I have access to HMRC website and I can file tax returns  through TaxCalc. 

I put this to downtime and not any error on our part. 

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By mhtax
22nd Jan 2013 20:36

last night

had the message on a new computer.

Got this error message when I tried to cut and paste the references but they worked when I typed them in in full

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