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Problems re authorising for MTD in QB

Problems re authorising for MTD in Quickbooks

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Just trying to re authorise a client for MTD VAT in Quickbooks (apparently has to be done every 18 months).

On VAT page in QB it still shows as MTD Enabled top left of screen but the message can't connect with HMRC comes up on the same screen top right.

Have tried to follow QB procedure > gear cog > Accounts and Settings > Advanced > MTD ... but on the Advances screen a MTD option does not appear (even though on the VAT screen MTD Enabled appears.

So I can't take the process any further

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Sadly just another example of time being wasted by stupid online login and authorisation procedures !!

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By Catherine Newman
25th Apr 2022 18:45

Yep. Had the same problem. Took hours to resolve. Contact Quickbooks. My client's previous book-keeper who by her own admission didn't know what she was doing and client appreciates it, screwed it up. The book-keeper was very good at marketing.

We are now up and running for MTD.

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By bettybobbymeggie
25th Apr 2022 18:56

You need to disconnect first then reconnect, assuming you haven't tried this already.

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27th Apr 2022 11:15

To figure out whether it is a software issue or a HMRC issue, simply install another MTD solution and see if you can grant authority to that (I can recommend Easy MTD VAT for obvious reasons - You can grant authority to any number of solutions so you won't scupper your use of QB.

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