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Problems with pension providers?

Problems with pension providers?

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We would like to create a directory which tells people running payroll bureaux, IFAs , book-keepers and accountants which providers work for you.

So if you can tell us which payroll software you run and which providers worked (and didn't work) for you, it would be brilliant.

This information will be fed into our database that already has the experiences of more than 450 companies which have staged auto-enrolment.

You'll be a part of the auto-enrolment provider selection tool we call "choose a pension"!

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By zebaa
12th Oct 2014 16:04

be careful, be very careful.

Anything like a program which selects a pension provider is - in my opinion - likely to run into trouble. You are jumping into a deep dark pool there, with some very heavyweight fish for company. Good luck if you go ahead, because you will most certainly need it.

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By Henry Tapper
12th Oct 2014 17:25

Thanks Zebaa

We have been up and running as for nearly a year and have helped just over 450 companies choose a pension.

Backed by a firm of actuaries , our system relies on professional analytics and has received praise from the pension and payroll industry winning 9 awards so far this year.

As both the FCA and the Regulator pointed out in March, advice to employers on regulated activities is not regulated, it is advice to employees that is regulated.

So we are comfortable in the deep dark pool having the skill and knowledge to have the courage of our convictions.

Most importantly , all the major insurers and mastertrusts provide us with regular updates on their products and underwriting which is incorporated in our programming.

Employers and their agents who use our program, can do so with confidence





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