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Problems with Sole Trader MTD Agent Authorisation

LTD companies - Agent Authorised immediately. Sole Traders - Not a Chance !!

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Hi all,

I know we are all sick and tired of MTD...........   Has anybody come across a problem with getting authorised by a sole trader ??

The final page of the procedure for all Ltd Co clients was a big geen banner proclaiming I had been Authorised.

2 Sole Traders - Message Reads  

Sorry, you haven't been authorised to proceed.

Try again with an Individual Government Gateway ID.

I/My clients are logged in with their credentials which states their User ID is an INDIVIDUAL Account.

Reported it to HMRC but , as Americans say 'Go fight City Hall' 

Any ideas folks ?



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Chris M
By mr. mischief
17th Jul 2019 20:06

I've had 2 failures, for different reasons, and about 11 successes now with MTD. On the failures I have spent around 5 minutes in total. I commend my approach to you, namely this letter:

Making Tax Digital (MTD) Failure

The new system has failed to accept a submission from the above business, so I am filing VAT returns using the portal as per previous VAT quarters. The principal cause of this is the way MTD was rushed in so incompetently, flying in the face of reservations expressed by all the main accountancy bodies and Parliamentary Committees.

I am not willing to waste any time chasing up such submission failures by phone. Once again, HMRC refused to accept advice and set up a dedicated MTD phone line, expecting victims of their poor systems implementation to simply wait for 10 or 15 minutes for the phone to be answered on the normal lines, probably by someone with little or no detailed MTD knowledge.

However, if HMRC wishes to call me to attempt to find the root cause of the problem in the database with regard to the above VAT number, I will do all I can to assist.

My client accepts no legal liability for any problems which may arise from using the portal, or for any penalties for not using the MTD filing method as, with 95% or more probability, the failure for this lies with HMRC and not my client.

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By Cat N
22nd Jul 2019 16:45

Yep, I had the same problem.
HMRC say that they are aware that there is an issue with sole traders and they are 'investigating' (nearly 4 months after MTD started...) Told me to link to our agent account the old-fashioned way. Not really helpful!

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By chunkycat
23rd Jul 2019 07:06

Thanks Cat N - I got the same response from HMRC. As you say , not very helpful. That system was flawed and failed on many occasions - now, where time is of the essence - I doubt the password will arrive in time to file MTD returns.

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By Cat N
25th Jul 2019 17:07

Another thing - I've linked my sole trader client to the ASA via our old HMRC agent account (had to wait for him to receive activation code, etc etc...). How do I know it worked and he really is on the ASA? As this account doesn't give you a client list??

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Replying to Cat N:
By Wanderer
25th Jul 2019 17:13

Check it in your MTD software.

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