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Problems with VAT Online Filing

Problems with VAT Online Filing

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The HMRC online filing service for VAT has gone down (Friday 3 Aug @ 16:30) without any warning. HMRC cites this as "Server Maintenance" and apologises. There is nothing listed on the "out of service" page as all the vat related messages relate to 25/26 July.

I was trying to submit a June VAT return for a client whose been on holiday and forgot to give me a crucial figure before leaving. We have until 7 August to file this online so hopefully I can do this in the next few days - HMRC permitting.

Very poor service from HMRC yet again. If the fault is genuine then update your service page!!

19:00 This is now back up and running and the vat return was submitted without problems. The service page has had all previous references to down time removed. Perhaps they thought we wouldn't notice!!

Stephen Quay

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By Les Howard
31st Aug 2007 17:14

Record details of server non-availability
If it happened that the Return and/or Payment was late as a result of the server problem, then a Default would be recorded, and may trigger (or increase) a Default Surcharge.
I would be prepared to argue that such circumstances should constitute a 'reasonable excuse.' You will need to demonstrate this by a contemporaneous record.

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