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Professional Accounting Bodies


I am a member of ICAS.  We have to attend a Practice Management Course every 5 years.  Do the other accountancy bodies have similar requirements?  If so, what sort of content is covered?  I can see why ICAS want to run it and get the PC holders in front of them once every 5 years.  Howeer I dont feel that the content is relevant for me, I have paid for and I attend CPD courses locally. I dont want to attend a PM Course 100 miles away that covers content covered already or content that isnt relevant to me as a very small sole practitioner.

Any thoughts?


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By NeilRH
06th Jun 2017 13:43

I'm CIMA in industry, so maybe slightly off topic...

As far as I am aware (having seen the requirements to obtain a practice certificate from CIMA), CIMA don't have such a requirements. However, the CPD policy is requires that the CPD a member undertakes is relevant to their work - if I were to undertake an inheritance tax update (for example), in principle it wont count as CPD!

I've not taught for the ICAS qualification, but I do know that they are VERY prescriptive on what is taught in terms of overall content, method, technique, approach etc. - if there is more than one way to skin a cat, you do it ICAS's way and no other! I can only presume ICAS use the prescriptive approach in other areas...

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