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Professional athlete with split income

We have a client who's income is divided between sponsorship and prize money. How should he be paid?

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We have a client who earns his living as an athlete.  His sponsorship money is paid through a UK LImited Company but prize money is paid to him directly.  He has been told that 30% of this can be directed towards his company, but I have no experience of this area.  Anyone helpfully point me in the right direction?


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By Accountant A
24th Jul 2019 20:49

Sounds unlikely. He, personally, is the one winning the prize.

Have you looked at the HMRC BIM on the subject of athletes' 'trading'?

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Replying to Accountant A:
By KungFuKipper
25th Jul 2019 10:14

I have - sometimes what the client hears from others is a little difficult to track down in reality. The BIM in this instance gives no clarity, nor makes any reference to the ‘30% rule’. I’m not surprised, this is most likely to be an accountant’s interpretation of the rules diluted and confused by another athlete before being passed on to our client.

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