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Professional clearance letters

Professional clearance letters

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Currently preparing a few professional clearance requests and I'm beginning to doubt my templates.......

Currently, for sole traders, I prepare just the 1 professional clearance letter which has a couple of lines requesting the business accounts and computations, whilst the rest of the letter deals with the personal tax aspects.

However........I'm wondering whether I should prepare 2 clearance letters, 1 requesting the business records, the other requesting personal tax. I'm not sure whether this makes things simpler or just more confusing for the outgoing accountant.

For Limited Companies and LLP's I obviously do separate letters as they are different legal entities. I don't have any normal partnerships but I imagine a letter for the business and separate letters for the individuals would be correct.

What do others do?

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By Euan MacLennan
07th Sep 2012 13:30


It is always an (unpaid) chore dealing with professional enquiry letters (and they are enquiries, not requests for clearance), so why burden the outgoing accountant with more than one?

We always cover not only sole trade accounts and personal tax in one letter, but also company accounts and the personal tax of the directors in one letter (assuming that the outgoing accountant dealt with both and that we are taking over both) and partnership accounts and the personal tax of the partners.

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By Sheepy306
13th Sep 2012 00:01

Thanks Euan, on that basis I'll keep it simple.

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By snute2008
04th Jan 2013 17:01

Clearance Letter Templates

Hi, I am just starting off in practice and struggling with what needs to be on the Clearance Letters.  Are there any templates available to assist?

I have been asked to take on a clients book-keeping. VAT, Payroll, Accounts production and Self-Assessment.

Any help would be appreciated please.

Many thanks.

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