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Another accountant has arranged the sale of my clients company without informing or contacting me.

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For the last 14 years I have acted for this client. I was made aware by them about 5 years ago they intended to pass the company on to their daughter at some point. Since then they have been very hard to get in touch with but our relationship has been good when we have been in contact. Their bookkeeper has always been the main contact at the company, providing the info and any answers to queries, with the client signing off the accounts each year and having literally no feedback or questions. 

The have recently informed me that the company has now been sold to their daughter and her partner. When I asked them why they had not come to me for any advice or assistance they said another firm had been advising them both regarding the transaction and the deal is now done. The other accountant will be looking after the company going forward.

To the point, obviously I feel aggrieved with the client for not coming to us for advice, and I do accept some responsibility for this as it is probably a result of the lack of contact, we have had over the last 5 years (not entirely my fault, but maybe I could have tried harder). I also feel very annoyed at the incoming accountant. I accept that after a buyout it is not unusual to switch accountants, this isn't an issue, but to prepare this deal without any input from the existing accountant seems discourteous and unethical, not to mention problematic as they have had no information from me whatsoever in order to prepare their advice for the client. 

Should I be doing anything about this with regards to the accountant? A complaint to their governing body perhaps, or directly to them?

I have no idea of the structure of the deal or what will be required with regards to filing both for the company (potentially employment related securities etc) and the outgoing directors (whom we still act for). The client has offered to provide all the paperwork, but I am reluctant to go through this blind and feel like a fee should be involved for the time I am going to have to spend familiarising myself with the deal. 

Sorry for the rant, perhaps I am just looking for validation of my annoyance at the situation.

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