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Professional involved in plagiarism

Professional involved in plagiarism

Does anyone have examples in their accounting institutes code of ethics where assisting in plagiarism is forbidden?

I saw on a well known freelancer website today a user attempting to secure the services of a qualified solicitor to urgently complete his 5000 word essay.

My colleague thinks it is ok to provide "examples" of how to answer an essay, which I could not believe any professional body would allow you to remain a member if they caught you supplying such help?


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03rd Jul 2012 08:59

lol - pay to sit exams, too?

I agree with you Steve, but what about the student asking for this service?

They want to pay someone else so they can avoid learning how to do it themself, so their eventual 'success' is worthless and whoever employs them in the future has been deceived.

It takes two to tango!

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