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MTD and VAT changes to registration

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After months of preparing our clients for MTD for VAT I am happy to say we are on track and successfully submitting vat returns under the new MTD rules. However the more scenarios I deal with the more problems I seem to be coming across, problems which lie with HMRC themselves. For example I have one client who has signed up for MTD, their first VAT return to submit after signing up is for the quarter ended 31 July 2019, however I am wanting to change their VAT 'stagger' so it matches the year end. No problem, I thought! I can sign in and do this online via change registration details, however I am now told that my client has signed up for MTD so any changes I wish to make have to be made through the new agent services account, how is this even possible when you can't even see a list of your clients on the new agent services account, let alone change a direct debit or VAT stagger ! After 20 minutes waiting to talk to someone on the vat helpline he talked me through changing it how we always could, to then realise I was trying to do it correctly and I am right you are no longer able to do it that way so as a result I have to download and send form 484 , God only knows how long it will take for that to be received and processed. Why is it that HMRC expect us to move forward 'digitally' and to supposedly be more 'efficient' when as a result their whole online services goes a million steps backwards ! HMRC really need to make as much effort as we have to to keep up to date with their complex and tasking changes or surley it is unfair to expect it from us? 

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By memyself-eye
23rd Jul 2019 12:59

I like the 'surley' approach, matches how I feel towards MTD!

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By CJaneH
23rd Jul 2019 13:29

The many reports remind me of the early days of accounting software (over 30 years ago) when the software writers had insufficient guidance and would set up a sales ledger within the system with no ability to pay a refund.

The reports I am reading indicate much of the information cannot be seen by us and functions we need are not there.

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By Tornado
23rd Jul 2019 13:55

Some may be thrilled at the new broom that will be sweeping through politics in the form of our new Prime Minister, but I note that the Architect of Making Tax Digital, David Gauke, has taken the opportunity to resign his Cabinet Post and is looking forward to getting back to the back benches.

The full extent of the chaos that his ill conceived and badly planned ideas have caused is yet to fully manifest itself, but that will not bother him. He no has no responsibility for his actions and can retire to the country at any time he wishes on a handsome publicly funded pension.

Without disruptors like Gauke in the Government, perhaps we can now start making some real progress in this country and hopefully the Making Tax Digital project itself can be given the proper, well thought out attention that it deserves.

Nice to see the Government supporting our needy businesses -

Is that why MTD for VAT does not work properly?

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