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Project Management Software

Project Management Software

Hello, I am looking for project management software recomendations. The criteria are:

1) Small team of 5 with no more than one user at any one time

2) Project being undertaken offsite, so cloud based would be great

3) Cheap! (or even better Free!!!)

4) Ease of use - I don't want to have to have formal training in the stuff.

Thank guys to all who respond



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26th Jul 2011 15:41


Hi Steve

I have used BaseCamp from 37Signals. Its easy to use and provides comprehensive task management, milestones, deadlines etc...starts at 49 dollars for multiusers.


Hope that helps



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26th Jul 2011 23:46

I've started using Teamwork

It's web-based, easy to use and has an app for iPhone which is handy. It took very little time to get up to speed on how it works.

I'm using the free option at the moment as I have only one major project on the go. You can set up different users, upload documents and have varied sharing settings.


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By Doolphy
27th Jul 2011 13:01


Hello Steve!

I would like to suggest you Doolphy.  Drop by and check it out for free.

Doolphy is an easy and intuitive tool that includes Gantt charts, financial and time reports and many more features!

If you have any doubt @doolphy (Twitter account) will help you ;-)

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27th Jul 2011 23:44

Logical Office
We've just started to use Logical Office. Seems really good so far. Very easy to pick up and full of useful options.

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28th Jul 2011 00:07

Thanks chaps

Thanks Chaps for your answers, will have a look at all your recomendations... although from my previous life, I don't think Logical Office is what I am looking for.

Best regards


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