Property business accounting software

Property business accounting software

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I wonder if someone can suggest suitable software for a diverse property business, comprising:

  • over 100 residential rented properties
  •  300 freeholds where the service charges are managed
  • over 100 properties which are held for resale and may or may not have some development works.

Specific requirements are the ability to:

  • record transactions in different business entities. (There are 8 different entities (partnerships & Limited companies).
  • account for VAT (where applicable)
  • obtain/extract yield information for each property.  
  • access reports from the Cloud 

​Another desirable function would be to automate the sending out of arrears reminders.


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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
13th Jun 2013 07:44

Agree - Property Portfolio

Property Portfolio is the only one endorsed/recognised by the National Landlord Association. 

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By awoodj
13th Jun 2013 09:48

I use Property Portfolio Software

All I can say is I already use this software myself to manage a number of BTL properties. However I am not sure it is such a good fit for Property Development or Trading. My opinion is that it is also geared towards producing Self Assessment Tax returns rather than Limited company accounts. Don't get me wrong it does a decent job for me in the area I use it i.e. personally owned BTL investment properties but I am also looking to take on Xero for Property owned and developed in Limited companies as I don't think it fits so well in that area.

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By BigBadWolf
13th Jun 2013 10:15


Have a look at Qube software - Its General ledger reporting is a bit basic - but i am lead to believe that custom reports can be written. 

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