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Property CGT on temporary home

Property CGT on temporary home

Hi i wonder if anyone can help on this - i own a rental house which as bought about 12 years ago, At the time of purchase i already owned my own home on which was beginning a process of refurbishment/extension. The idea was id live in the newly bought investemnt house for 7-12 months while the works completed, then move back into my orignal home and rent the investment house.
question is , does this 7-12 months of occupation count for a PPR relief claim for when i sell it? i owned two homes at the same time, but couldnt really live in my regualr one due to the refurb.

thanks in advance


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12th May 2012 12:01

I'm afraid not. Same comment as I posted on another forum in which you have posted and a third one. Regards Peter

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14th May 2012 16:25

Quality of occupation

Do you have a link to your comments elsewhere? Given the lack of other accommodation, I would have thought there was a reasonable chance of success but have not reviewed the recent cases in detail.

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