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property income Ct600 and taxfiler problem?

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hi. It is my understanding that a company receiving rents from residential properties only, files property income pages. However, it seems that tax filer doesnt handle this properly.

If i attach information from accounts, the trading section is automaically updated by the software, but that’s wrong because the property income should be updated.

Also, the company’s accounting period for the first CT600 should be 6/12/20-31/3/21, which is different from the accounts period (1/5/20-31/3/21), but i cannot change the CT600 accounting period dates.

has anyone dealt with these issues before?

sorry to bother you with this, but I have tried to conrtact taxfiler but nowadays not easy to get technical support.



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Danny Kent
By Viciuno
26th Apr 2022 13:03

To change tax return date go to data input, "trading profits:co name" link, then the change button in the period of account section.

Been a while since I've done a property income return but from memory you need to adjust via the adjustments to trade profit screen and then adding the property income pages from the "add a new section" button in the data input page.

Its well hidden!

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By SXGuy
26th Apr 2022 13:34

Not sure about your software but in tazcalc you have to make sure you tick the box for property company

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By Alwaysreading
01st Jun 2022 17:40

Hi Neanderthal

We have this very issue at the moment with Taxfiler. It seems that the software struggles if there is no trade and only rental income.

Did you manage to resolve this as the support help seems to work only if you have a trade plus rental income.

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