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Property ownership percentage changes - solicitors

How good are local solictors when it comes to property ownership percentage changes?

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(Tenants in common / land registry / Form 17)

Have there been more property ownership percentage changes since the 2017/18 finance costs restrictions commencement?
Of course being HR in prior years should have triggered changes, but now it's biting more.

My question is what are local solicitors like to deal with - maybe a wills solicitor is better than conveyancing, but ideally both.

It's just that I sounded out 2 or 3 solicitors a couple of years ago and was met with, "Eh?" and no follow up..


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By Matrix
07th Nov 2018 20:20

Ditto, I asked a solicitor at a networking event and she says she would do it but they weren't really focussed on this kind of work.

I think fees started at £500 and if you added my fees, the tax saving to my client would have to be quite big.

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By austria
08th Nov 2018 05:49

I had the same experience, sometimes local sollicitors are the way to go, and they have a deeper knowledge of their market, especially in Europe or Austria where I work.

Florist Austria

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