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Protecting assets from care costs?

Protecting assets from care costs?

Client has total assets of c£300k (2 properties, no mortgages) and is in his late 50s. His health is not great and he is concerned that at some point he may need residential care.

He is looking at ways of protecting his assets and possibly transferring them to his grown up son. IHT is obviously not an issue given the estate size but he does need the rental income from the commercial property of approximately £1,000 per month as this is now his only income.

If he gives the assets to the son or transfers them in to trust there would be an immediate CGT charge on the commercial property. He would also need to remain living in the residential property.

Any ideas on the best way to protect the assets from care costs but still retain the rental income?

I am guessing that he would just have to pay the CGT regardless if he is transferring the commercial property as it is simply an investment and has never been a business asset?



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