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£1,000 Job Retention Bonus - Clarity

Does it relate to employees who were still furloughed at 31st October or ANY employee

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Good afternoon all,

I am trying to get clarity on whether the bonus would also be payable on furloughed employees who have already come back to work, say in June for example.

When I initally heard the budget I assumed it was for employees who were still furloughed at the end of October who you keep employed and pay the minimum £520 per month through November to January.

I'm hoping it's the former!! any advice or links to guidance much appreciated.



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10th Jul 2020 14:43

See: section 3.1

As usual you'll have to wait for more information - promissed by the end of this month

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By sugar
10th Jul 2020 14:47

yes if your employee was on furlough and keeping employed until end jan
more info coming out in next week or two

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Kirsty image
By Kirsty McGregor
11th Jul 2020 06:19

Any previously furloughed employee who is still employed (& having been paid full wages since at least 1st Nov & > LEL) at 31st Jan. They can have been furloughed at any time.
Otherwise, there will be a mad rush to throw everyone back on furlough for the last few days (say) in October

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