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£2000 Employment Allowance

£2000 Employment Allowance

I have a client that runs a commercial care home, where most of the residents are funded by social services. Would they qualify for the £2000 allowance?

I also have a couple of clients who operate through community interest companies to provide services, such as budgeting/advocacy to people who are being encouraged to live independently. The clients of the CIC's are people who receive certain amounts in benefits to enable them to live independently but they have a certain degree of choice as to how they spend the money and in theory could have non-state funded sources of income. The CICs are contracted with the individual and not social services. Again would the CIC's qualify for the £2000?    


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16th Apr 2014 11:06

Presumably ...

... you haven't found this thread yesterday which answers your first question specifically.

Steve Kesby's answer may also shed light on your second question.  The CIC might well be considered as a "public authority" which is not a charity in accordance with s.2 NICA 2014 as a company "whose activities involve, wholly or mainly, the performance of functions ... which are of a public nature".

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