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£3750 earned in Dubai - where on the income tax return???

£3750 earned in Dubai - where on the income tax...

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A client has been out the country for 6 months enjoying Dubia and whilst there earned £3750 my question is where would we put this on his income tax return - or does it have to go on there???  In the tax year he had self employment in the uk of £6000.  He is not trying to not declare it or even pay tax on it if required.

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By JCresswellTax
21st Apr 2015 14:03

Same trade as UK?

If so, include as self-employment income.

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By sarahtaylor2018
21st Apr 2015 14:19

do you mean just include as self employed work?




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By JCresswellTax
21st Apr 2015 14:24


If the nature of the work is the same as the work he carries out in the UK, it makes no difference that it was earned in Dubai - although in saying that you may want to consider the Class 4 National Insurance position.

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