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PSA: request for form P626

Still no response from HMRC

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I emailed HMRC a couple of months ago to request form P626 in order to obtain a PAYE Settlement Agreement, and received an automated response. 

Not heard anything back yet, and have phoned at least 4 times to chase up. On each occasion I was told that they have a backlog and are working their way through it. Following my most recent call this week, I was told to email again but not to worry about the 6 July deadline as they go by the date of the request.

Any idea if this is true or not? I don't have a great deal of faith in anything I'm told by HMRC over the phone. Wondering whether I should just fire in P11Ds and give staff a top-up to cover the additional tax liability they each face...

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By SteveHa
03rd Jul 2020 15:28

The deadline of 5 July is for applying, not for having it in place.

Deadline for payment is not until October.

Stop fretting, go to fridge, take out beer, drink beer.

Things will be so much clearer.

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