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PTP tax return software problems

Has anybody been having PTP software problems?

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We have been using PTP for many years now. During the busy period of December last year and January this year, we had endless problems with PTP tax platform loading slowly. We also had problems opening clients' tax returns. We constantly got the message "An action cannot be completed because a component (Tax Return 2018) is not responding. Choose switch to to activate the component and correct the problem." Choosing "switch to" just brought up the same message again and again until eventually the client's tax return opened. We are having the problem this year. PTP have been very unhelpful. I'm getting very frustrated by this! Has anybody else been having problems with PTP, apart from the usual complaint about price hikes? 

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By seitler
11th Sep 2019 20:53

I think it does this when something else on PTP is open

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By TessaW
12th Sep 2019 11:01

I've used PTP for some years. Gave up on the corporation tax a while back & this is my last year for income tax as I have got bored with the problems. Get the impression that they are not too bothered with improvements let alone fixing errors. The onscreen help is particularly poor & email queries take ages to get a response & I've had a couple of recent responses where I just gave up as the staff appeared clueless. Now using Andica for Corp tax but it is very basic (which is useful I guess as I have to regularly refer to actual legislation & you can get in a rut with believing software knows what it is doing), not sure what to change to next year - maybe Taxfiler or may splash out on Absolute.

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Replying to TessaW:
By AndyG
25th Oct 2019 15:52

A belated thank you TessaW. I thought that I would receive dozens of responses to my complaints about PTP. However, maybe a lot of other accountants are like you and simply given up on it.

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