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Purchase of window film through limited company

Purchasing Window Film through a limited company

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Client is working from home via his close limited company and uses company funds to buy window film.  He trades as a computer software engineer and says it is to stop glare from the windows.  I am taking it at face value that this is right.  Am I correct to declare the purchase in plant and machinary?  Am I able to claim Annual Investment allowances or writing down allowances if I so choose? 

In a past year the client purchased a small amount of crypto through the ltd co.  I have not claimed any tax allowances on the purchase.  Am I suppoosed to revalue each year and pass the difference through the intagible fixed assets schedule?  If so, and there is an increase where do i journalise the corresponding credit entry? 

Finally, some of the computer hardware has both increased and reduced in price.  There is quite a large amount.  Do others try to match net asset value of the assets against market values in the fixed assets schedule with a revaluation each year?   If so, do the corresponding entries pass through revaluation reserves?

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