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QBO app vs using your browser?

I haven't used the QBO desktop app for a while as found it awful about 9 months ago. I have returned to using it today and still find it very slow. Do others experience this too and do people generally prefer using a browser to the app? I want the app to be good being a big QBD fan but find what it gains over the browser in some respects in loses in others.


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12th Jul 2018 14:40

Hi May bee,
I experienced the same thing and have stop using the desktop app. Its is slow and glitchy. From what I've heard it is still in Beta stage and has not been given any sort of priority to improve the user experience.

The browser is what I prefer to use, multi tabs/windows etc.

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By May bee
12th Jul 2018 18:11

Thanks Master Mind. I had wondered if it might have just been my impatience with the thing! I'll stick to the browser for now. Does annoy me that Intuit call me every few months asking me to push clients on to QBO but don't back that up with sufficient investment in their various offerings. I suppose MTD compatibility is taking up their attention.

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to May bee
19th Jul 2018 11:44

I, too, prefer the browser and find that the desktop app has no advantages (and many disadvantages). But I don't agree that Intuit lack investment in QBO. I think that they are doing great things to improve all the time (though, as with all software, they could always do more!). Just because their app is not a particularly good product, that doesn't reflect at all on the quality of the core web-based offering.

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