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QBO bank match bills

QBO bank not matching against bills

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On the banking page on QBO I thought it used to bring up matches between payments out and open bills on the face of the banking page

e.g. the payment 23/10/19 £30 would indicate a match to the bill 22/10/19 Sainsburys £30. 

I can get it to match if I click "find match" and it suggests the match there.

QBO help say that the bill will only show as a match on face of banking page if the date of the bill is the same as the date of the payment.  Both me and my colleague are sure that the dates didn't used to have to be the same.  Are we remembering wrongly?

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By Moonbeam
22nd Nov 2019 17:11

I'm a reluctant QBO user and just have one small client using it. I wonder if there is something wrong with your set up.

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By carnmores
22nd Nov 2019 18:57

there's a little blue line somewhere near the top left that says if my memory serves me unmatch tick that and all alternatives to match should reappear. i think you have got this far i am not sure about auto match but i have a feeling it will match same date bill / paymenst

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By patvanaalst
23rd Nov 2019 06:40

I'm not sure what's causing the problem you're having, but it's definitely not a same day criteria - it's "on or before", I think three months but less certain of that.

Was this a one-off or has it been consistent?

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Replying to patvanaalst:
By Peter Anderson
25th Nov 2019 09:27

Its been a problem over the last week or so. Its happened on a few different clients.

We don't do loads of bookkeeping so didn't immediately realise. We had remembered it similar to you that it matched to invoices dated 2-3 months before & 1 week or so after

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By Peter Anderson
27th Nov 2019 14:47

Clearing Cache history on internet browser seems to have fixed it.

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