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Quadranet EPOS

Xero integration ... or wishful thinking

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A new restaurant client has got the Quadranet EPOS system. I'm struggling to find a way to integrate it with Xero, does anyone have any expereience / suggestions?


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By Moonbeam
01st May 2019 19:38

First thing is to get the client to ask Quadranet whether they can upload files to Xero. Beware - one of my clients recently signed up with another EPOS system (can't remember the name) and for the first 3 months the upload to Xero was wrong. They then cunningly and silently corrected it. So whatever they say they can do check that the upload has worked through all the main file areas in Xero for the first month or so.
The whole EPOS area seems to be awash with substandard programmers presumably wanting to cash in on MTD without wanting to understand double entry bookkeeping. And they know full well that the average customer has no idea about how the bookkeeping should work.

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
04th May 2019 11:15

Totally agree, checking the data transfer is imperative. I have seen this before where data was malformed and led to a big headache further down the line. Even if you think everything is fine a manual check will always help everyone sleep better.

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