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Query on MPIVS statement or C79 certificate

Unable to verify entries on recent MPIVS and C79 certificates

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Recent C79 certificate has an entry that I haven't been invoiced for and the agent (UPS) are unable to search using the reference numbers on the C79 because they are incomplete - only £400 but what if they didn't issue C79 for couple of thousand - who am I supposed to take this up with ??

Also entry on MPIVS - again small amount - but we have no idea who the agent is (based on the EORI number) or how to contact them, and corresponding VAT number doesn't exist - given that this carrier will have been contacted by one eof our suppliers, and has no need to invoice us because it's postponed VAT, how are these being checked by anyone ? 



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By Wanderer
17th Sep 2021 12:03

The whole C79 & MPIVS systems are just further examples of HMRC inefficiency, systems that aren't thought through & don't work in the real world etc. etc.

Personally I've given up on them. Just claiming VAT paid, or working out PIV as it should be.

The purists will argue 'only when C79' etc. etc. I'm happy to claim what I know is right then argue out the alternative evidence rules if it ever comes to it.

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