Query re child benefit

Why is child benefit payments included in my tax code when I have opted out from receiving them?

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I have seen the breakdown of my 2024 2025 tax prediction and it includes deductions for child benefit. However, my wife and I have not received this for three years as we opted out due to the tax bracket we found ourselves in. 
I don't understand why I would be penalised the child benefit deductions which has pulled down my tax code 

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By FactChecker
01st Mar 2024 01:09

Whilst we can all hazard guesses as to what you mean, could you clarify your question with greater precision:
- 2024 2025 tax prediction (what exactly is that i.e. what is name on site/form)?
- it includes deductions for child benefit (does it say for which tax year)?
- we opted out (for which tax years)?
- pulled down my tax code (so is this a tax code notice that you're talking about)?

There's really no point in various people responding with guesses/hints/etc if you can't take the trouble to clearly state the details that are troubling you.

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Replying to FactChecker:
By Tax Dragon
01st Mar 2024 03:53

One hint might be valid. Tax codes come from HMRC, not Aweb. OP could try asking HMRC - they're more likely to know. https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/hm-revenue-customs/contact/i...

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By rmillaree
01st Mar 2024 09:12

tax codes can be randomly wrong for any number of reasons - if you have the slightest doubt ring hmrc and ask them to explain themselves - if you explain the situation and its wrong they should be able to fix , if they explain the situation and its correct and that makes sense you have your answer.

Note sometimes hmrc collect prior year tax many years later

eg if you claimed child benefit till sep 2021 you may owe tax (ref repaying that benefit) for ye 5/4/2022(6/4/21-5/4/22) .
hmrc would calculate that liability before January 2023

and if that bill was coded out they might not start collecting tax via coding adjustment till 6/4/2023 end of colection 5/4/2024.

So you could still be paying back now the tax charge on child benefit claimed in 2021 !!! - strange but true.

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By Dougscott
01st Mar 2024 10:54

And do check your tax code for this and previous years was correct and you didn't overpay tax.

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Replying to Dougscott:
By Not Anonymous
01st Mar 2024 12:21


And do check your tax code for this and previous years was correct and you didn't overpay tax.

If the op's tax code includes a deduction for Child Benefit then it's 99% likelihood they have been completing Self Assessment returns and any overpayment will have been resolved via their tax return.

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