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QuickBooks 2010 Pro

QuickBooks 2010 Pro

I upgraded my software from 2005 Regular (a thoroughly satisfactory and robust piece of software) to 2010 Pro as I had a new PC and so had to. 

There is a maddening problem with allocating advance payments to suppliers to subsequent bills received - which causes the Unpaid Bills report, and the Aged Suppiler Balances reports to be wrong - the debits to the suppliers still sit there, while the matched off bills dissappear. 

My workaround is to run these reports into Excel, and compare them to the supplier balances reports, and identify and delete the offending payments.  However, as time goes on, and the data volume increases, this is becoming more and more onerous.

I have reported the issue to QuickBooks but that was a waste of time - the first adviser I spoke with had considerably less expertise in  using the software than I, but didn't realise this.  So I emailed QuickBooks with a detailed explanation and supporting reports to illustrate the issue, and received not so much as an acknowledgement.

I have been informed (by "Graceman" from the QuickBooks Online Community) that QB know of the problem, and that it has been eradictaed from QuickBooks 2012 - which is of no help to me as I'm not chancing upgrading.  I can't afford to, I don't know that to do so would resolve the problem with the data I have, and I don't know what horrors may lurk and be ignored within 2012 to simply be resolved with another upgrade.

Has anyone had a similar problem?


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05th Dec 2011 11:55

Same error

I have had the same problem. Intuit at first made out there wasn't a problem but eventually admitted there was.

There solution was:

"We have identified that when the cheque payment to an A/P account is used to the pay bill(s) off the bill(s) are still shown on unpaid bills report. The only way to get around this situation would be to either delete the cheque and the pay the bill(s) from Pay bills window or record the cheque payment as a General Journal entry by debiting A/P account with the supplier(APA Holdings Limited) in the name and credit your bank and then reallocate it to the bill(s) from Pay bills window until we have a fix for it in the next upgrade.

We regret for the error."

Intuit still haven't resolved the problem with dates exported to Excel. If you have had QuickBooks for a very long time then the dates in Excel will appear as text and in US format. This appears to be a problem with how the original database dates were held as US format but displayed as UK format. Whenever I phoned technical support they didn't know about this problem and made out I was using the wrong format on my computer. It was only when I attended a QuickBooks seminar and many long time users were aware of the problem. Unfortunately, nobody from Intuit knew about the problem.

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05th Dec 2011 13:07

Disappointing practice being adopted by software houses ...

This is not a good approach being taken by software houses - very simply they need to either fix a product that is not of merchantable quality or withdraw it from the market

Yes it is difficult (resource hungry) to fix historical problems but that is the game they are in and a knock-on effect of employing the desktop solution model rather than a Cloud approach (where fixes can be almost instant)

Failing that, the next release of the software (2012) should be freely distributed to all existing owners of the faulty 2010 version. It is very simple either fix the old version or hand out the new one for free

Sage are a particularly bad culprit with this sort of bug fix where issues often go unresolved for years despite Sage being well aware of a problem.

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