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Quickbooks and 64 bit

Quickbooks and 64 bit

Has anyone out there managed to get Quickbooks 2008 registered and working on a 64 bit operating system, and if so how??

I love my new shiny (Windows 7 64 bit) laptop.  It is so fast compared to my old machine (and actually has a battery that works!).

Unfortunately, and fairly fundamentally for an accountant being a member of the Quickbooks advisers programme and with a number of clients using Quickbooks, you apparently cannot register Quickbooks (2008 in this case) on a 64 bit operating system.

I dutifully called Quickbooks for a registration code after installation (I used the software several times up to this point and it worked perfectly as far as I could see).  I typed in the code and got an error ('The validation code is incorrect....'). We tried various solutions, such as running in XP compatability mode but they did not work.

In the end the adviser's solution was to 'get a new computer' or 'get a different operating system'.  Not very helpful!

PS The adviser also said that the next version would  be out in May or June (and would not necessarily support 64 bit), so watch this space for Quickbooks 2011 sometime next year!!!!!


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07th Jan 2010 13:14

Quickbooks talking ******** (please substitute rude word of your

Problem solved, the Quickbooks helpline people were talking out of their bottoms.

As a last resort, I thought I would try reinstalling the software (which does not seem to reset the count of the number of uses, by the way - I guess there is some sneaky registry entry that is not uninstalled).

I did this, tried to enter the registration code, and got the same error.  I then tried the sync data online option a couple of times, which said it had been sucessful, but would still not let me log in.  I then clicked on 'Begin Registration' to try the full online registration again - this failed and opened the telephone registration option again.  I thought, what the hell, and entered the code again, and it WORKED!!!!!

Don't know (and don't really care!) which bit of the above process sorted it, but hey, it works now!

Thank you Intuit for a wasted morning.  I am not impressed with your level of customer service.  Next time, don't use the customer's hardware or software as an excuse when the answer really is that you just don't know!

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14th Jan 2010 18:19

Instal virtual XP?
I also love my new 64bit laptop. I've installed Virtual XP. It's a free download and so far all my really old programs run fine incl QB2005.


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By Anonymous
18th Jan 2010 15:54

Dual boot your laptop to run 64 + 32 bit syatems.

Our techie in the company has advised me that all you need to do is partition the hard drive, load Winxp in 32 bit onto the other partition and set up a dual boot system, so that you can run Quickbooks from the alternate operating syatem. He claims it is easy to do  - so good luck if you are willing to give it a try.

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