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Quickbooks app (problems recording mileage).

Quickbooks online phone app. Trying to record mileage but having intermittent problems with it.

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I have been testing out Quickbooks online and have been trying to use their smartphone app to record mileage. Followed the set up instructions but keep having intermittent errors. Sometimes it records a journey. Other times it only records part of a journey. Sometimes it doesn't record a journey at all. Sometimes the mileage travelled does not agree to the mileage travelled according to google timeline. Just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced similar and whether you found a solution? The online help has not ..... helped / fixed the problem. I am using a Huawei mobile running Android. It is unfortunate if this is to glitchy to be useful as I was hoping it would save some time, but unfortunately as things stand at the moment, it looks like the subscription is going to have to be cancelled and revert back to the old accounting system.


Thank you.

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By sash100
27th May 2020 15:21

Intuit introduce these new gimmicks just simply to tick the box that they have a mileage or receipt capture app in place when in reality they very basic versions. We use Triplog mileage that integrates with Quickbooks and Xero, its got a great Accountant's portal and automatically posts journal to Quickbooks or Xero.

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