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Quickbooks are withdrawing support for the not-online 2013 version. Any views?

Quickbooks are withdrawing support for the not...

I am bookkeeper (amongst many other things) to a small business, rather than in practice. We've just had an email announcing that Quickbooks 13 is no longer going to be supported after 1st April. They suggest we all upgrade to Quickbooks Online (surprise!)

Apart from the fact I have found their 'support' to be virtually useless anyway, we will probably carry on using the desk top version as our internet connection isn't good enough for cloud anything. Can anyone foresee any problems with this? My main concern is that when one of the bosses got a new laptop he couldn't get QB to work on it without help from the support people (which took some months to materialise).


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02nd Mar 2016 14:10


QB are always keen to "sunset" perfectly decent software.

I have clients on the QB 2006 which is still viable.  They stick with it as its was the peak desktop version and works. Fast too.  

The main practical issue is the one you pointed out - is re-install on a new machine without the codes, with 2006 you can hack the number of free uses so essentially using an evaluation copy by changing a text file in the system which counts the openings.   No idea about 13, maybe google for some work arounds.  Ideally your client should get it somewhere stable like a desktop machine and not on a laptop with limited lifespan. 

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02nd Mar 2016 15:00

apart from payroll

you will be fine with 2013 - as you say the support is hopeless

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02nd Mar 2016 15:07

Quicken 2000

Still using it. No worries

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