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Quickbooks Bank Feeds

Issues with Bank Connection

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We are having real issues with the Bank Feeds on Quickbooks since the updated open banking regulations.  I know we can upload CSV Files etc and that is what we are doing at the moment, but it takes away a lot of the convenience of having the Bank Feed.  Just wondered if others are having the same problems and also if there are any recommendations for other online bookkeeping softwares?  

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By Plexaweb
19th Apr 2020 00:12

Same problem here, we use QuickFile and found we paid for a product that seemed to vanish and then change unfortunately! Stuck with manual input for now and some input through API's - Web Designers in Hamsphire, Plexaweb

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By RedFive
19th Apr 2020 08:46

Same problem.

Numerous banks not complaint and constant breaking of the feed need manual reactivation by the client.

Having to do this every 90 days is bad enough but seems to be more often than that.

Amex, Yorkshire Bank, etc not working neither is PayPal - you can connect but the feed has no descriptors so is pointless. Back to csv uploads which cuts down the efficiency.

How is Xero handling this? Barclays you used to connect using just passcode and password but now you have to use pin sentry - same with Lloyd’s so client involvement needed. Clients who can’t even switch a washing machine on never mind connect a bank feed to bookkeeping software.

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