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Quickbooks data not updating TaxCalc

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Lately we find that when TaxCalc Accounts Production tries to get the figures from Quickbooks data, it connects OK, but then it hangs. 

The method we use is to make the adjustments in Quickbooks as we go, then update the figures into the statutory accounts.  With the import not working it's a real nuisance, and we don't know whether to start importing trial balances from spreadsheets (so need to set this up) or whether to leave it and try again in a few days.

Is anyone else having this problem, and if so, is the problem with TaxCalc or Quickbooks?


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By Glenn Martin
06th Sep 2019 15:36

Have you contacted tech support. I had an issue with Xero TB not coming through and they sorted it straight away.

I find their tech support is good and fairly swift to respond.

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