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Quickbooks Desktop MTD

Is MTD for VAT already supported in QB Desktop?

I just noticed this: "If you are on QuickBooks for desktop 2016, 2017 or 2018 you can continue to e-file VAT as usual. All supported versions have been updated to enable customers to e-file VAT in the usual way ahead of May 2019."

Am I misunderstanding that? Is it actually saying that QB desktop will be MTD compliant? It doesn't seem like Intuit to be so on-the-ball and generous; I was expecting a forced upgrade at least.


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By alec247
17th Oct 2018 12:31

I'll answer my own question I think - it probably doesn't mean that at all!

I think "...e-file VAT in the usual way ahead of May 2019" actually means ""...e-file VAT in the usual way UP TO May 2019".

There's a particularly annoying ambiguity in the way that sentence has been phrased.

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17th Oct 2018 14:03

Nope you're right, it doesn't mean that at all.

Point 1 is the pertinent one

Customers who need a Making Tax Digital compliant version will need an active subscription to be on the latest supported version (currently QuickBooks 2018) and install all new updates and upgrades as they become available.

I'm guessing that they will bring out QB 2019 and not support the previous versions.

Of course I presume you could extract a csv file and use bridging software? That's what I would be looking to do anyway if I used QB and didn't want to upgrade.

To be honest though, I did expect them to use MTD as an excuse to drop the desktop version altogether.

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to legerman
17th Oct 2018 15:34

New QB 2019 is up out and running

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to carnmores
18th Oct 2018 09:38

carnmores wrote:

New QB 2019 is up out and running

Thanks Carnmores, in which case I understand it as saying only QB 2019 will have the ability to file after April 2019, and only if you have an active subscription.

I've not used QB since 2008, but I assume you can extract a csv file and then using bridging software.

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By Mikesch
24th Jan 2019 12:51

After just speaking with Intuit's tech support I can confirm that only Quickbooks 2019 (of the desktop versions) will be MTD ready. If you are still on a previous version but have an active subscription you can upgrade foc. Otherwise export VAT100 report to Excel and use bridging software.
Avalara is promising to have an Excel add-in ready in time.
DCSoftware offer an MTD filer free for 1 year. An evaluation copy can be downloaded now.

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to Mikesch
24th Jan 2019 14:21

correct tho QBO is ready and we submit a number of vat returns thus

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