QuickBooks Desktop transfer VAT Issues

Exception items not being picked up on QBO on clients transfer from desktop.

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This is a question for accountants who have transferred clients from QB Desktop to QB Online using the recommended transfer software.

Has anyone else noticed that exceptions are not being picked up on the next VAT Return?  I have 2 examples (and probably more to come).  First example is a client whose VAT Return to 31/03/2023 was submitted on QB desktop.  The file was then transferred to QBO using the recommended software.  Further purchase invoices dated prior to 31/03/2023 were then entered on QBO and this would normally be picked up as an exception on the June 2023 VAT quarter.  This has not happened.  I have spent over 5 hours on chat and phonecalls with HMRC today.  One lady was very understanding but couldn't help.  All other support staff (including the High Support Team) either wouldn't accept this was an issue or that it could not be resolved.

The second example, is a sales invoice dated July 22 was amended after the March 23 VAT Return was submitted.  The amendement was made on QB desktop and then transferred to QBO.  This is not showing in the exception report and not being picked up on the June 23 VAT Return as it should.

Has anyone come across this?  Surely, I cannot be the only person who has come across this.

If you have come across this, how did you resolve it?

Thank you.

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By caleycasual
01st Aug 2023 20:44

By “using the recommended software” do you mean Movemybooks?

If you do then:


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Replying to caleycasual:
By Clear123
01st Aug 2023 22:14

This is really helpful. I will take a look thanks.

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By rmillaree
02nd Aug 2023 08:03

There is always a limit to what software can do.

I would start from viewpoint anything entered outside first vat period when preparing first vat period on new software would need to be manually checked and amended. Presumably that is the case here - i suspect these are simply of "one of those" that you manually need to ensure ends up correct on return submitted as the data cannot be passed over for one reason or another.

I am presuming you have checked you are on the correct vat scheme (cash or invoice) your start date and vat periods are all aligned.

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