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QuickBooks has Server meltdown.

QuickBooks has Server meltdown

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“This date range is too long. Please change the dates and try again.”

This is the annoying message you receive whenever you run any report on QBS Online

I do not know how long is too long, but three months’ worth of data are NOT. Obviously, QBS does not want to admit that it does not have a solution for its server gridlock. I spent over half of my time opening a link as it is too long. It is now completely stopped displaying any data beyond Mar-11-2019. If I want to see any data beyond a certain date, I need to export into  excel, but QBS screen gives the wrong impression that it has displayed the last transaction. I do not know how other people cope with QBS' dismal performance.

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By MissAccounting
11th Apr 2019 11:10

Just scan it with your phone and it will be sorted!

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By Kaylee100
11th Apr 2019 12:32

We will use QB if a client has it but don't recommend as we always have issues running reports. If its not one problem its another - we really haven't got on well with it.

Sorry I can't be of any help.

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Replying to Kaylee100:
By Moonbeam
11th Apr 2019 13:56

Yes, I use it if forced with my back to wall, and the system doesn't seem stable enough for me to waste too much time on it.

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By Cantona1
11th Apr 2019 21:36

Yes, I gave up calling support as they do not seem to have an answer. It is another debacle which will come to haunt the management team as the UK's VAT and multi-currency have done in the past. It should stop pretending as if it were competing with Xero.

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