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Quickbooks invoice templates

Frustrated with the ugly templates and lack of customisation

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Sorry, a bit of a rant!!

Is it just me that is completely frustrated with Quickbooks and the fact that they have withdrawn the ability to import your own invoice template from Word, leaving us with the most attrocious built in template designer in the world?

I am actually embarrased to have to show clients what their invoices have to look like now. 

I have just had a look through my client list on QB and, of the clients that send invoices through QB that were able to import templates, I think I have 1 (yes, one) that does not use an imported template.

If they remove the templates for clients that already have theirs imported, as is rumoured (but communication on this matter leave a lot to be desired too since they withdrew it for those not already using it without warning), there may be a mass exodus, and I might find myself having to learn Xero better!

Am I alone in my frustration??

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By darren.austin
21st Aug 2021 09:59

We have over 300 clients on QBOL. I don't know offhand how many use the invoicing facility, but believe it is a high percentage. Only 2 used the imported invoice facility and the rest use the standard templates. We use QBOL ourselves and use the standard templates.

I have introduced and trained many clients and never had any negative feedback on these.

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Replying to darren.austin:
21st Aug 2021 17:15

That is interesting . I tend to agree with Cath - I struggled to find a template I could use in my own practice . Would you care to say which of the standard templates you use and whether you customise the colour, logo etc ?

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