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QuickBooks online and CIS

Filing CIS manually not through QBs

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I have set up a client on QuickBooks Online. Our accountant said we don't need to use CIS on QuickBooks becuase my client does CIS manually. Apparently I can't turn CIS off. Should I purge QuickBooks or if I leave it then won't it want me to file via Quickbooks? Not sure what is best to do. Thank you in advance.

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By rmillaree
09th Jul 2021 09:10

You need to get the detail right - speak to your accountant again.

Note the fact you don't need to use the cis module does not mean that you should NOT use the cis module - your comment simply reflects the reality that the submissions are done outside of quickbooks so the quickbooks entrres arent relevant to submission - the entries most certainly are relevant to accounts and vat so you simply need to ensure the method of entry you use ties up the loose ends so everything adds up as it should do - this can be done via cis module or done via one of several manual steps to bring in cis as approrpiate.

There should be no reason to purge anything in quickbooks - do ensure no duplicate submissions to hmrc are done via quickbooks.

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By BudgetB
09th Jul 2021 10:13

On the CIS module there is an option each month to mark the return as submitted outside of QB. I suggest that you check that the info on QB matches that posted manually and then mark it as filed.

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Replying to BudgetB:
By ZMBookkeeping
09th Jul 2021 10:27

HI, That sounds the best way forward. Many thanks.

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