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Quickbooks Online calls

Relationship manager calls

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I signed up to be a Pro Advisor, passed the test, have clients sets up.

Just wondering when the mithering calls from their 'relationship' managers will stop?

They cannot answer technical queries, which is in all honestly the only help I need whilst i try to get to grips with the software.

Apparently want to 'help' me but not yet figured out how.   Am I missing something? If so, what?


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By Moonbeam
27th Aug 2019 11:50

I doubt I will ever get to the dizzy heights of Pro. I struggle to understand QB bank rec with just one client.
Try quoting GDPR to the relationship managers and point out that they are just wasting your time and beginning to alienate you from their blasted software.
I have one nice account manager each at Xero and at Sage and none of them drive me crazy.

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By MissAccounting
27th Aug 2019 12:07

They are just commission jockeys trying to sell you licences in bulk. Tell them you use VT for most clients that dont need cloud software (even if you dont) as that seems to shut them up.

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By JoF
27th Aug 2019 12:40

Thanks you Ladies.

Not sure why Im being so nice to this one, I normally give sales folk short shrift. As long as Im not missing out on some wonderful assistance then they will be told to back off.

I do use other software, but this new client had 2 companies already using QuickBooks and they like it!

Thanks again

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