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QuickBooks online - expenses paid by Director

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Hi all

Just set up QBO Accountant as have taken on two new clients who use this software.  

Looking to how best (or the only way?) to key business expenses that the Director has paid for personally. Non VAT ones I can journal easily, but this does not appear to be an option for VATable items as there is no way to include an amount as VAT included, as far as I can.

Option would appear to be a dummy Director's bank and clear from his DLA in bulk say once a month.

Just wondering if I am missing something in this software?


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By lja20
19th Jun 2019 16:01

Thats how I do it - I don't think there is a work around - but I shall keep an eye on this thread, in case there is!

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Replying to lja20:
By JoF
19th Jun 2019 16:55

Thank you lja20.

Just like I do for other clients in Sage (I know, its a dirty word!). Was hoping it would be different with all the hype surrounding it!

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